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Build Real-World LabVIEW Systems Faster

Register for the JKI State Machine online course to get a unique opportunity to learn from the JKI team at an incredible price!

Unique features of this course include:

  • Access to the full online course for up to 1 year
  • Live office hours with the JKI team
  • Slack channel for discussions and support
  • Email support
  • Limited number of seats*


But, you have questions.

You could attend a week-long in-person training to get the answers you need.

But how does that help your never-ending project deadlines and demanding schedule?

You don’t have time to spend hours searching for answers so you can create code the “right way.”

And that week-long training? It leaves you with an overflowing inbox and late-night work sessions in your hotel room.

There’s got to be a better way to get the tools, best practices, and answers you need to write better LabVIEW code...


Introducing the JKI State Machine Online Course

Our JKI State Machine online course will:

  • Show you what a state machine is and its importance to engineers building real-world systems
  • Teach you how to build 2 real applications using the JKI State Machine, which you can start using at work right away!
  • Share JKI’s industry-leading software engineering best practices and techniques to eliminate the guesswork of how to architect your application
  • Put your LabVIEW development on rails

This online course includes:

  • 14 hours of video / 2 full days of course material
  • Access to the full course for 1 year, once it’s launched
  • 2 working LabVIEW example applications: Signal Plotter and Sequencer
  • Course Reference PDF document with key information, best practices, plus tips and tricks
  • Weekly live office hours with the JKI team for 1 month
  • Access to a Slack channel to ask questions and share comments
  • Email support from the JKI team
  • Limited number of seats* 

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Taking this course will help you:


Leverage State Machines

Learn why state machines are so useful and how to apply them to your application designs. Learn how the JKI State Machine takes this to the next level!


Learn Best Practices and Advanced Skills

Discover best practices and advanced techniques to help you to avoid common pitfalls and accelerate your development of LabVIEW systems.


Build Working Applications Fast

You’ll learn how to quickly build working applications using the JKI State Machine for your automated test, measurement, and control applications that are both reliable and maintainable over time.

Course Modules


Learn how easy state machines make creating useful real-world applications, and build a simple signal plotter state machine.


Learn how to use state machines to add new features to your applications, while you improve your signal plotter.


Discover how the JKI State Machine enables fast and easy development of LabVIEW applications.


Explore the core capabilities and parts of a JKI State Machine, and how it improves upon the traditional state machine.


Use the JKI State Machine to build a sequencer, another very useful and common LabVIEW application.


Discover JKI State Machine best practices to avoid common pitfalls of application development.


Learn the advanced techniques you need to take your JKI State Machine to the next level!

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Immediate access to the online course after purchase

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Immediate access to the online course after purchase

One year of access to online course

Four weeks of Slack channel access for live discussions with students and JKI team

Four weekly office hours *

One 90-minute code review with Jim Kring **

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* Weekly Office Hours are available to students who sign up for the Advanced and Professional course plans, and will be held at 10am Pacific Time (GMT-8) on Thursdays.

** 90-minute Code Review is available for students who sign up for the Professional course plan and will include a 90-minute one-on-one code review meeting, which will be scheduled for a time that works for you within the hours of 8am and 6pm PST (GMT-8)




I've been using the JKI State Machine for close to a decade. To this day, it remains the fundamental building block behind most of my work because it's easy to use and it provides the flexibility I need even for developing complex applications
François Normandin, JKI State Machine User
Biomedical Device Instrumentation Specialist @ National Research Council Canada
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The JKI State Machine is incredible! I am a beginner-to-mid-level LabVIEW user, and I had wanted to implement state machines for a long time, but had no idea how to go about it without using C. I found the JKI SM last week, and using it reduced the development time of an automated test rig from about a month down to one day! Keep up the good work.
Stefan Kaban, JKI State Machine User
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About JKI

Over 15 years ago, we set out to build a LabVIEW software design and development consulting firm focused on helping our clients get their innovative technology to market with speed and impact. Early on, we recognized the transformative power of LabVIEW and how it could allow our clients to accelerate the productivity and efficiency of their projects.


At JKI, our team has literally built hundreds (if not thousands) of systems using these very same tools and techniques, which we’ve refined along the way.


Initially, this course was developed and taught exclusively on-site for our consulting project customers. Because they found it so valuable, we decided to share it with the rest of the world and are making it available to you as an online course.


Ready to build high-quality LabVIEW code faster than ever?

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