RAFL Framework

rafl main ui-1

RAFL (Rapid Application Framework for LabVIEW) is a dependency-injection framework for LabVIEW that has been developed and deployed by JKI over the past 10 years. It is ideal for production-quality and R&D systems (see some examples below).

RAFL includes a rich set of built-in features to quickly develop professional and robust commercial software:

  • IO management
  • Hardware control
  • Multiple user screens
  • Data logging
  • User management
  • Python and SCPI APIs
  • And more

RAFL makes your system flexible and configurable. The estimated development time savings from using RAFL instead of creating the software from scratch is greater than 15 weeks!

Need more info? Here are some recent case studies where we used RAFL:

Apollo Fusion Case Study


PDF Solutions Case Study


Accelerating Launch of Satellite Constellations

Apollo Fusion is looking to accelerate the launch of modern satellite constellations with their innovative Hall thruster technology. They partnered with JKI to develop software to quickly and reliably test and manufacture thrusters for the new space age.


Apollo Fusion Case Study

Next-Generation Scanning Electron Microscope

PDF Solutions needed to develop the control system for an integrated circuit inspection tool that can rapidly perform wafer metrology and help semiconductor companies streamline their manufacturing process. Using RAFL, JKI developed a LabVIEW-based control software to control a scanning electron microscope with nanometer precision.


PDF Case Study